Calendar and Task Sync Issues

if the Sync agent is not running :

1. Confirm the Agent is enabled in Settings.


  • A user with Editor access to their mail file will not be able to enable the agent.
  • A user with Manager access to their mail file will be able to enable the agent but my not have the required authority to run the agent on the Server.

2. Confirm whether the agent signer has agent execution rights on the server.
3. Use the Domino Designer client to check the agent's schedule and confirm its running on the correct Server. The agent run time can be changed.

Click on the Security tab and confirm the runtime security level is set to a minimum "2. Allow restricted operations". It may be necessary to change it to "3. Allow restricted operations with full administration rights" if agent errors persist after setting it to option 2.

f the agent is still not running, then check the Server's log file (log.nsf) to see if any errors are posted against the agent. You will need to open the log on the Server that appears in the "Run On" field.

Open log.nsf and click on the Miscellaneous view
Open the search bar (View - Search this view) and execute a search for "syncrmrecords"

Open the entry if found and scroll down the page until you see entries for AMgr: Agent ('SyncCRMRecords' in mail\xxxxxxx.nsf'). There should be no errors. Any errors will need to be dealt by the Domino Administrator.

Note. If there are no entries in the log for the agent, its possible to that the AMGR task is not running. The Domino Administrator will need to rectify this.

If the user can connect to the CRM from the Notes client using the Connector, then then issue could be that the Server's http/https ports need to be opened up to the Salesforce IP Address range. In this case, the user can connect to CRM from the client but the server cant. An error message in the log such as 
Amgr: Agent ('SyncCRMRecords' in mail\xxxxxxxx.nsf') printing: "Error 213 at line 104: mxml3.dll: The download of the specified resource has failed" can be related to connection issues.