Lookup returning null value

Lookup to object fields are returning a null value (no records found)

This may be due to expired login information (password change or expiration of password for that ID).  See below for confirmation steps.

Standard LNC – Open the settings panel and click "OK".  This will test your connection to the CRM. You will see a success or failure message.  If Success, open the CRM and confirm that there are records that match your search needs. 

Enterprise LNC – Open the Settings Panel and click to save.  This will test your credentials.  In some cases the password for that CRM Admin ID may have been changed and not also changed in LNC Admin Panel.  Please note that this CRM Admin Login Failure will affect all users for lookup access to the CRM, as the Admin DB is a passthrough.

You may always look in the Notes Status Bar to see connection success, or if there are error messages when things do not go as planned.  Not all notes-based errors will appear in the middle of the screen.  This will assist support in determining the problem if you tell them the Notes Status Bar data.

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