Activation and Connection Issues


1. The user will need to confirm they can login directly the CRM using their login details. If the user cant login to CRM, the LNC connection will fail.

2. The user needs to be able to access the iEnterprises Activation server to activate the LNC. Use this URL to confirm successful connectivity.

You can test this by opening the Notes native browser and typing the URL of the activation server. "EmptyResponse" indicates a successful connection.

Firewall policies will need to allow access to the Activation Server's IP Address or the following message is likely to appear. Please refer to your IT Administrator.

Furthermore, the LNC Activation request uses the XMLHTTP object available in the user's PC. It's possible that something is blocking the XMLHTTP object required for CRM connection and activation such as antivirus software on the PC or firewall policies.

3. The user's CRM profile requires web services privileges. Confirm with the CRM administrator that the user profile can send web service requests.

4. If the user requires Proxy authentication to access the Internet, Proxy settings will need to be enabled in the LNC Settings screen.

If connection fails, you will need to confirm with your IT Department if the Proxy settings will allow access to the Activation Server URL.

If you cannot solve the issue, please capture screen images as outlined below and send to the iEnterprises Support email address -

Enabling Debug Mode
Debug mode can be enabled in the Settings screen to provide more trouble shooting screens. Enable debug mode in the Settings menu and click OK. This action will produce XML screens that can be sent to us with the status bar display. 

Notes Status Bar
The Notes client status bar can be useful when diagnosing errors during the activation or connection step. Click on the status bar and take a screen capture of the connection/activation attempt

Capture the status log in a screen image.