Installation Steps and Configuration of Admin Database

The steps to install and then configure the LNC Admin DB

New Lotus Notes Connector Administrators

For new customers, we suggest you install the Admin Database first, then install the Lotus Notes Connector. Once the Admin Database has been installed, all Lotus Notes Connector activations are performed using the Admin Database rather than directly with iEnterprises' server. This will enable administrators to select which users in the company can use the Lotus Notes Connector. Users will be disabled from using the Connector until authorised by administrators in the Admin Database.

Existing Lotus Notes Connector Activations

For existing customers, if you are installing a newer version of the Lotus Notes Connector, we recommend you install the Admin Database first, then install the latest Lotus Notes Connector. Even if users have previously activated the Lotus Notes Connector, once the Admin Database has installed the administrator should activate all those users within the Admin Database. The plug-in will disappear from the users' mail file if users are not in the Admin Database, this will occur during the license validation process.