Lotus Notes Connector Enterprise Version Overview

The Enterprise Version of the connector provides the ability to centrally control user settings.
 From the administration control panel, you can:
  • Enable / Disable the connector interface for users
  • Perform Calendar / Task sync for users, and choose to allow scheduled sync.
  • Perform license Activation / Deactivation for users, allowing you to manage the LNC users vs. your subscription count.
  • Select / Deselect module associations, including custom associations
  • Update CRM settings of all users as a single action
  • Configure Lotus Notes Connector search results to display additional information

You must still load the Lotus Notes Connector in each user's mail file using the Installation program, or a master template.  The Admin Database can not install the LNC for a user.  For more information see the Installation Guide
The LNC Admin DB for Dynamics will not function on a Linux Server.  Only Windows Servers are supported, and recommend WIN2008+ for the OS.