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This page lists some of the most common inquiries you might have about the product from installation to actual use in your business activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

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 Can I import records from my current CRM?

The application supports Import from back-end data sources specifically,, MS Dynamics and QuickBooks. 

Data in .csv file format can also be uploaded.

 Can I use this app on a device?

There is a mobile version of the application which can be downloaded from the app store as well as a Mac Application.

 How many users can I add for a Free Trial?

iCRM can be used by 2 active users including the Administrator.

 May I change the language to my native French?

iCRM is multi-lingual.  The languages included by default, besides English, are French, German, Spanish and Italian.

You may also change the default translation per preference.

 Can I send mass mailing via the application?

You can build email-merge template that you can use for mass mailing.

There is an embedded HTML editor with basic formatting tools to layout your template.  For more complicated formating, iCRM also support using an attached HTML file.

 Our company uses Gmail, can I associate my emails to my contacts in iCRM.

We have a suite of Email Connectors that can be used to integrate your email and track them as activities on iCRM.

The email clients supported are Gmail, IBM Notes and MS Outlook.

 We have different instructions and manuals that we send to our customers, is there a repository for these? Can I attach them to emails?
There is a Library module on iCRM that can be enabled.  These is a repository for your document, pdf, spreadsheets and images. You may also attach this when you send email-merges or emails.

 Can I export records to a file?
The export facility is accessed from Reports.  You may create a report with filters and groupings and then export it to a CSV file.

 My collegue left, how can move his Accounts to another person?

iCRM security and ownership is Accounts-based.  An Account can be transferred to another user by editing that Account and selecting another user from the list.

There is also a mass action for changing ownership call Transfer Accounts.  Only Administrators can access this function.  The original user must be Inactivated first before his Accounts can be transfered.

 Can we import data from Salesforce IQ?
Currently, direct data import from Salesforce IQ is not supported. However, you can export SF IQ data to .CSV and then import the CSV data to iEnterprise CRM.

Need more help?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please email us: