iEnterprise CRM


iEnterprise CRM is an end to end cloud based solution to manage different aspects of your daily business life.

It serves as a central repository for vital accounts information that can be shared securely across an organization. The user interface is consistent, making it an easy and effective tool in managing customer contacts and relationships for end-user. It is built with a lot of customizable features to make it better suited to individual preferences. The Administrator is provided tools for automation and configuration that will help him/her manage the application effectively.

It is integrated with popular small business tools such as Gmail, Outlook and QuickBooks! It also has voice control capability for Amazon Alexa.

iEnterprise CRM is available for Mobile devices that makes it a powerful application for people on the go.  There is also an application for Mac that is downloadable for free.

iEnterprise CRM is a solution for all types and size of businesses, especially to small-medium enterprise as it is ready to use right off the shelf and for a fraction of the hassle and cost of other CRM providers.

iEnterprise CRM is your tool for:

  • Managing your Leads
  • Creating and monitoring Opportunities
  • Quick access to your customer base information
  • Planning your marketing strategies
  • Monitor support services
  • Set and monitor client engagement activities


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