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The installer file is typically provided to you by registering on the or via appexchange for user.


Installation Notes:

  • Whoever runs the Notes Connector Installer must have Designer or Manager Access in the ACL of the target Mail File or Mail Template File, or the File will not be updated.

  • Once Installed, the Mail File or Template should be signed with the appropriate trusted Notes ID to avoid any Execution Control List errors. Refer to your Domino or Mail Database Administrator.

  • You must use an equal or higher version of the Lotus Notes Client compared to the version of the target Mail File. EX: When selecting to update a Mail Version 8.5.1, you must use a Notes Client 8.5.1 of higher to run the Notes Connector Software.


This Installer updates the design of the Mail File or Mail Template. You should discuss any update to a Mail Template with your Lotus Notes Administrator as it could affect other 3rd party elements that have been installed previously. We recommend creating a separate Mail File for the Connector trial should there be concerns.


How to Run the LNC Client Installer:

1.  Once you have downloaded the "Client Installer" zip file, unzip file that contains our Lotus Notes Connector client plugin Installer.

2.  Open your Notes Client and Open ConnectorInstaller.nsf.  Click 'Next' on the opening page.

 3.  Click on “I Agree” to the License Agreement and click OK.
 4.  Select your CRM on the dialog box and click OK.

 5.  In the Configuration window, select the box "Install Mail Database Integration"

6.  On the dialog, type your CRM URL. If you do not know your target CRM URL, you may enter that when activating the Connector after installation.
     Click the "Select Mail database" button to select the Mail File\Mail Template file you want to update.


Activation Notes:

The user performing the activation will need to confirm they can login directly to the Data Source using their login credentials. If the user cannot login to Data Source, the LNC activation will fail.
The user’s Data Source profile requires web services privileges. If all Credentials are correct, then confirm with the Data Source Administrator that the user profile can send web service requests.
If the user requires proxy authentication to access the internet, proxy settings will need to be enabled in the Connector settings screen.

Firewalls will need to allow access to the iEnterprises Activation server at the following URL and IP Address: 

 IP Address:

 If you have any problems setting up or using the Lotus Notes Connector please refer to the help file and troubleshooting files.

 If you require further assistance, email

A Note for Mail DB Admins:

Certain elements of the Lotus Notes Connector plugin are protected against design Refresh/Replace, and as such just running a ‘Replace Design’ command will not remove the LNC from the Mail File.
The Uninstall feature removes both that protection, and then the element itself. You may do this manually in Domino Designer, also, by locating the LNC elements and unchecking the box for ‘Prohibit Design Refresh/Replace’.

Manual instructions are included in the Installer Help File in the ‘Help -> Using this Application’ section in the Notes Action Bar of the installer program.

Version 4.2.1(fp1) and above (SFDC Only): This version includes a background agent that can look up a sender’s address in your SFDC as the mail is received, and if there is a matching email address then the message will be automatically associated to that Contact/Lead prior to the email being viewed by the recipient. This agent can be enabled per user, or beforehand if you are using the Master Template option for deployment. Like all scheduled agents, it needs to be signed by an ID with sufficient agent execution rights on the server. You will need to enable “Lotus Notes Connector Auto Associate Before email Arrived”. If the load becomes too great on the Mail Server, then disable and enable the other agent, “Lotus Notes... - After Email Arrived”.

Uninstalling the Lotus Notes Connector Plugin

We are sorry to see you go.

1.  To remove the Lotus Notes Connector plugin elements from your mail file, you will need to open and run the installer again.

2.  On the screen where you select your mail file to be updated, you will select the target mail file as before. Click the ‘Uninstall’ button in the bottom right.

3.  Confirmation screen opens that LNC plugin is removed.