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This page lists some of the most common inquiries you might have about the product from installation to actual use in your business activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lotus Notes Connector - Administration and User Guide

titleCan I add an unknown email sender as a new account?

Currently, the option provided is to add the email's sender to Contacts or Leads.

Add Sender to Contact - the Account must already be in the CRM.  The new contact can be added but the account must need to be selected first.  Account cannot be created directly from LNC.

Add Sender to Leads - the new Account name can be entered on the Account field on the form that is open via the connector.

titleWhat are included in the 2 editions being offered?

The customer is trying to see which edition will be a good fit with their company's needs. Here is a comparison chart.

titleFrom the Inbox view, can an email be identified that it has been linked to the CRM?

By default checkmark is inside the mail message.

However, this is something that your company can change by modifying the design of the inbox.  iEnterprises can also help with this requirement.

titleWhat will be the impact on our Domino server using the connector. Do we need to install anything on the server side.

There is typically no performance impact on the server. 

There are a few agents that needed to be installed but this something that can be user initiated.  Customer can install the product on their Domino server and then push it out to all the users with a single command.

titleWhat version of Notes are supported by the latest release of LNC.

All versions of Notes since v5 up to and including v9 are supported.

titleDo I need a License upgrade to update my Lotus Domino 9.x template??

The installer on the website (Notes-Connector-Installer-2016-08-20) can be used.  No need for a license upgrade. 

The installer should work fine with any version of Notes.

titleDo we need to update the connector when Salesforce block TLS 1.0 connections?

Our development team reiterated that TLS1.0 is not used anywhere in LNC. However, it was decided that an investigation will be done to identify potential issues.

We are aware of the July22 date for Salesforce deadline.

titleDoes the Connector work on mobile/web

The Lotus Notes Connector works on mobile/web but it has less functionality. 

The calendar sync, task sync and contacts sync all work.  So all of your calendar items, tasks and and contacts are synchronized from the CRM and available..  In addition there is the ability to link all emails or select specific emails to send to the CRM.  Although it is not as robust as the desktop solution there is quite a bit of functionality. 

It also works in the Notes Client on a Mac.

titleIs the connector compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 2013?
Yes, the Lotus Notes Connector will work with Microsoft Dynamics 2013.

titleI have uninstalled the connector from inactive users but I'm still getting license exceeds.

Uninstalling the plugin will not remove the user from the licens list

Please send an email to so the inactive users can be deleted from the license server.

titleIs Contact sync with Salesfoce automated or manual?

Contact sync is a manual process, mainly because contacts are saved in the client side address book.

titleAfter sync, will the Contact in Lotus Notes be deleted if not anymore visible on Salesforce?

No.  Contact record will not be deleted.

titleDo I need security token to login?

You need to enter your Salesforce user name, password and security token to get connected to Salesforce.  You have to set this on Activation settings. security settings require you to use the security token along with your password to login from 3rd party applications using web service APIs.

Here is some information on how to get it :

titleDoes the Connector support integration between Microsoft CRM online and IBM SmartCloud Notes?

We’re looking for integration between Microsoft CRM online and  IBM SmartCloud Notes.

titleDo we need to install anything on the server side?

To deploy the connector in mass to your users, you are supposed to install the plugin on your domino template (You can create a copy of the template and install in that copy). Nothing else to install.

However, there is an optional "central admin" database that can be dropped on the domino server, that allows you to have a central control of the connector users (this database comes with enterprise version).

titleWhat will happen to emails linked to CRM after archiving?

Emails will be added to CRM linked to the selected CRM record. But, nothing will happen to the original email record in Notes.

titleDoes LNC automatically link emails in a thread?

We don't provide a feature that automatically link emails in a thread that is previously linked to CRM.  We do provide a feature that provide automatic linking of all incoming emails if the sender of that email exists in CRM.

titleA salesman should only see his own opportunities, not the overall database.

LNC is using the CRM web service APIs. So, all security settings will work fine.

titleDoes the tool support IBM Verse?

We don't have support for IBM Verse at this time. However, we will have it in our development plan and will notify our customers of any updates.

titleDoes it support Spanish template?

The connector should work fine with non-english mail file/templates.

titleHow many users can Lotus Notes Connector for for MS Dynamics, Standard Edition manage?

There really is no set limit. You can use up to your license count. We do however suggest that for ease of deployment to a considerable number of users, do a rollout via template.

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Need more help?

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please email us: